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Fiddle Frenzy 2022

After a successful weekend of virtual workshops in 2021, Win, Jessie, Ellery, and Katie are thrilled to kick off 2022 with another Fiddle Frenzy. Recent times have made us more aware than ever of the power of connection, community, kindness and of sharing great music – and that’s what Fiddle Frenzy is all about, no matter where you are on your musical journey. All four fiddlers bring with them a wealth of experience as established performers and will be working with all experience levels throughout the weekend. Full weekend participants at all levels will have the chance to work with all instructors. We will expand our offering this year to include an esteemed panel of guests, including world-renowned fiddlers Liz Carroll and Brid Harper.

This three day weekend of on-line workshops via Zoom caters to beginners who have a year of experience onwards up to advanced players. Each day, you’ll be able to choose from a range of classes rooted in Celtic (Irish & French Canadian), American, and Scandinavian fiddling traditions catered to your ability level. You’ll reach new levels in understanding bowing, rhythm, ornamentation, coming up with variations, improving tone, playing by ear, composing, set building, and the list goes on.

We will also explore the emotional and practical sides of the musical journey: Practice Techniques, Tune Composition, Dealing with Nervousness, Hitting a Plateau, The Business of Music and Tips for Navigating it, Forming a Band and How to Amplify Your Sound! Our presenters will host multiple open discussion sessions which allows attendees to dive into these topics and many more in a supportive environment.