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After 16 years in the same band (but never at the same time)
3 fiddlers have joined forces…

After 16 years in the same band
(but never at the same time)
3 fiddlers have joined forces…


BRigid’s Day 2023

Check out the review of “SAILING ON” in the Spring Edition of Fiddler Magazine!!

Interestingly, these three fiddlers have all played  in the same band, Gaelic Storm, at different times.  Ellery Klein, Jessie Burns, and Katie Grennan are all  accomplished fiddlers as one would expect. The sets are  presented in tight arrangements. The production of this  recording causes the music to leap out of the speakers  like commercial pop music but it is Celtic.
The low end is held down by Eric Thorin on bass and Jeff Lindblade on guitar. The music drives along, filling the room and taking the listener away. Grounded by  foot taps and the rhythm section, this music flies, soars, and settles again, making for some engaging listening.  

Something of their shared experience in a show band  lives on here. The production and performances are  refined, the album is a highly enjoyable aural mix that  not only demonstrates the high level of musicianship of all involved but is a tightly packaged presentation of Celtic fiddle in a very approachable format.

Bob Buckingham 

Fiddler Magazine Spring 2023


“The Bow Tides’ debut album, Sailing On, is an impressive testimony to individual talents and collective creativity. A full five piece band, The Bow Tides are fronted by three very fine musicians and composers – Jessie Burns, Katie Grennan and Ellery Klein – who are supported by Jeff Lindblade on guitar and Eric Thorin on bass. The ensemble has woven a well-produced package of solid harmonic expression and clever arrangements.

As the beautiful cover art suggests, Sailing On merges traditions and continents, spanning the decades of experience of three fiddlers who have performed and taught traditional Irish music for many years. Burns, Grennan and Klein take full advantage of the flexibility, colour and ornamentation of their instruments, and their musical talents – with fantastic results. Sailing On is both a distillation of unique styles, and a brilliant showcase of contemporary Irish/Scottish/French/Galician and original music.

Beatrice’s Waltz is a delightful tune, ornamentation enriching this catchy air’s mellow and nostalgic character. This original waltz is juxtaposed with the livelier tunes like The Bow Tides Jigs. High-octane, rhythmic, each jig gives a glimpse of the personalities behind the compositions. The brilliant set Trip to Gaelicia shows imagination and versatility. The Power of Three is perhaps the best example of their signature sound: with a complex texture, richness and wildness in the playing of freewheeling and distinctive original reels. The Bow Tides are untethered here, testing musical boundaries through confident playing that yields pure magic. The Wee Boy’s Lament for his Pet Dragon draws from Scottish repertoire. The set turns on a dramatic tune change, and its playful feel is a great choice to end on. The listener is left only wanting more.

This album is a warm and discerning musical collaboration, with Burns, Grennan and Klein using this project to extend and enhance their musical palettes. There is no doubt about the musical cohesion throughout the work- fiddles to the fore, but guitar and bass vital to the heartbeat – with the power of three-plus-two, look out for The Bow Tides bringing their high- energy music to a stage near you.”
Anne Marie Kennedy 

Irish Music Magazine 2022

Where We Have been

  • Spanish Peaks International Celtic Festival
  • Pittsburgh Irish Festival
  • Cleveland Irish Cultural Festival
  • Naperville Irish Fest
  • A Celebration of ST. BRIGID
  • Irish American Heritage Center of Chicago
  • Irish Fest in the Barn: Appleton, Wisconsin

Ellery Klein

Jessie Burns

Katie Grennan

“With superb playing and wonderful melodies, the Bow Tides’ debut album is beyond lovely. There are great new tunes, sparkling arrangements, and there is obvious love on display for the music that fiddlers Katie, Ellery, and Jessie have heard and absorbed from people and places along their musical journey. Track to track, they, along with Jeff on guitar, and Eric on bass, draw us in.

Their music is rousing, then poignant, and at all times heartfelt.

A fantastic debut–BRAVO!” – Liz Carroll

“There are so many reasons to love this album – “Sailing On” jumps right out of the speakers and grabs the listener’s attention from the opening set of original jigs through to the high octane ‘High Drive’ reel at the very end. Killer tunes, fab fiddling, sophisticated and intoxicating arrangements, tasteful and masterful accompaniment – packaged up with overall quality production and sound.

Jessie, Katie, Ellery, Jeff and Eric have also managed to capture that oh so elusive element with a studio recording … ‘energy’ , ‘playfulness’ and ‘pizzazz’!”
– Kevin Crawford